Established back in the year 1980, Unipack glass producing high quality and most exclusive glass bottles for beer, wine, spirits, food, non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

As one of the leading glass manufacturer in North China, we offer one-stop- shop packaging solutions, include full bottle design capabilities, in-house mould design, CNC machines for mould manufacturing, high quality glass manufacturing and dedicated ancillaries for decoration and accessories like caps, cartons and labels

Unipack Glass offers several competitive advantages over other suppliers include:

■ Strong manufacturing capacity and high standard quality control

With an installed capacity of 2,280 tonnes per day, makes us able to produce glass bottles and containers in flint, super flint, green, amber color.

At Unipack glass, quality is of paramount importance.

First happens at the IS machine, immediately after the bottle is formed. Here, the line operator, with the quality control checker, does hot end sampling for dimensional checks.

Hot-end ware rejection is an automatic process to ensure quality of the bottles after bottle swabbing. Next, the bottles are put into an annealing chamber, where they are gradually heated and cooled to de-stress.

The bottles then pass through a series of automatic and camera inspection checks by equipment like M, M-Cal, Veritas and VISIGLAS. These machines check for body defects, neck finish, bubbles, foreign matter etc.

The bottles are finally automatically shrink-wrapped, and a sample of the packed bottles is put through a QA process to check for defects.

The container used for transport is fumigated and also checked for cleanliness and hygiene prior to stuffing.

■ Wide sales and distribution spread

Our sales and distribution presence in most major markets across the globe. Our significant marketing presence in Europe, USA and Caribbean enables us to build more intimate relationships with customers, and respond to their needs quickly and efficiently.

■ Significant cost advantages

Though the manufacturing of glass itself is highly automated, critical functions such as quality control need large teams of skilled professionals. Not surprisingly, the total cost of production in China, where manpower is among the cheapest in the world, is less than half of that in France and almost half of that in the US. With manufacturing facilities in North China,Unipack Glass is able to produce glass at significantly lower costs than its competitors in other parts of the world and deliver a sustainable cost advantage to customers.

■ Decoration services and accessories

Equipped with 4 American STRUTZ3 high-speed printers,2 Netherlands ROSARIO3 printer, 1 Italian automatic RB-4/6 six-color printer and 6 automatic packaging lines, enable us to make the high quality decoration of the bottles. At the same time we also have lines as decal, frosting ,  gold plating that can meet the specific requirements of our customers needs.

Our partners include closures, labels as well as packaging machinery manufacturer, allow us to deliver completely customized packaging.